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  • Why do a car loan at EuroFinanceProject

    You intend to acquire a vehicle, but like a large majority of households, you do not have the capital necessary to finance it ?

    In this case, taking out a car loan is the ideal solution. You will indeed be able to realize your automotive project, without necessarily needing a personal contribution. With EuroFinanceProject, experience a fast, efficient and transparent car loan, in just a few clicks !

  • A car credit What is it

    A car loan is a loan to finance the purchase of a new or used car. It falls into the category of consumer credit. This type of loan is triggered on the acquisition of a car and cannot be used for the purchase of another property, just like motorcycle credit. This is called affected credit.

    Thus, it differs from a personal loan that is intended to strengthen a cash flow. A car loan is therefore better received by a banker than a personal loan.

  • Car credit between a new or used car

    For the purchase of a new or used vehicle, the mode of operation of the car credit does not change.

    Of course, prices are very often different between a new and used vehicle. Therefore, the volume of credit is not the same. But in the case of a new vehicle, the banker takes into account the contribution of cash to the resale of the vehicle if it takes place in the first 5 years after the purchase.

    In the case of a used car, even if the price is less important, the cash contribution to resale is often less. Before making a car loan, calculate your car loan capacity well to get an idea of the maximum loan you can apply for.

  • Car credit: the choice of security

    The car credit being exclusively dedicated to the purchase of a vehicle, the purchaser is covered if the purchase is not successful. It is also if the loan is not accepted. And this, again, whether he opts for a new or used car. Concretely, this translates into :

    A null and void contract of sale if the borrower does not obtain the loan ;
    Automatic credit cancellation if the car is not delivered ;
    A first monthly payment is only taken when the buyer has received the vehicle.

    Thus, the buyer does not have to repay a debt which, ultimately, is not one until the property is in his possession.

  • Auto credit: the reasons for choosing EuroFinanceProject

    EuroFinanceProject is the only platform for lending to individuals in Europe with its own credit Institution approval, issued by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et Résolution (ACPR). It revolutionizes consumer lending in Europe, and today offers a real alternative to traditional credit companies.

    Thanks to its innovative refinancing model, our company now allows professional investors (natural persons, but also legal entities: companies, pension funds, insurers, foundations, etc.) to directly finance consumer loans of French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese households.

    Today, more than 150,000 European customers have already been seduced by the EuroFinanceProject offer.

  • The benefits of Auto Credit at EuroFinanceProject

    To finance the purchase of your car, EuroFinanceProject offers, thanks to its analysis technologies, the simplest online credit application on the market. Get an immediate policy response, and a definitive one in less than 24 hours * ! . You can ask for an amount between 1,000 and 50,000 euros.

    In addition to the speed and simplicity of our offer, EuroFinanceProject guarantees the protection of users ' personal data, as well as the security of its platform.

  • How to apply for a car loan at EuroFinanceProject ?

    Concretely, to make a request with us, we invite you to perform a simulation : in a few clicks and in less than 5 minutes, you will be able to fill out our secure form and access an immediate response in principle.

    Then, we will offer you to subscribe your contract by signing it electronically, and to send us the documents necessary to study your file.

    We then undertake to bring you a financing decision within 24 hours* after receipt of the complete file, and then to send you the funds in record time.

    Thanks to our innovative and secure internet platform, you can benefit from the best rates for your car loan, so do not hesitate to simulate your car loan with EuroFinanceProject to make your project a reality !

  • A credit to finance your work

    Does your home need a makeover ? Want to expand ? Yes, but renovation or eco-renovation work, as well as development work, often have a significant cost. To make your project a reality, opt for a work credit! EuroFinanceProject supports you, advises you and offers you a cheap work loan, which you can take out online in just a few minutes. Focus on this type of consumer loan !

  • What is a credit works ?

    The work loan is a type of personal loan that can be assigned to the performance of the work, that is, it can only be used for the performance of the said work. This borrowing solution is increasingly popular among households who wish to beautify or renovate their home. Especially since it applies to a primary residence as well as to a rental or secondary residence.

    Granted by a bank or credit institution, the works credit belongs to the category of consumer loans.

    The works credit allows the borrower to finance works of any kind. It can for example be :

    Maintenance work (roof, pipes, garden, parking lot, electricity...) ;
    Landscaping works (attic, kitchen, veranda, bathroom, etc.) ;
    Extension works (extension through a veranda, raising the housing, arrangement of the attic...) ;
    Decoration works (painting, plasterwork, tapestry...) ;
    Renovation or improvement of energy performance (insulation of the attic, insulation of the roof, replacement of windows, improvement of the heating system...).

  • Loan works: a need for thoughtful financing

    Before their realization, everyone first has an idea of works, whether it is expansion or renovation in order to save energy. Indeed, it takes time to prospect with construction companies, ask for a quote, have the necessary funds and finally realize your project. Applying for a loan for house works is therefore only part of a long process started well in advance.

  • Loan works: why choose EuroFinanceProject ?

    EuroFinanceProject is revolutionizing the consumer lending market. To finance all your construction projects, we offer a new kind of credit : loans are financed directly by our community of investors (natural persons, but also legal entities : companies, pension funds, insurers, foundations, etc.). We also have our own credit Institution approval issued by the ACPR (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et Résolution), allowing us to offer an alternative to the loan offers of traditional credit companies. EuroFinanceProject has already granted more than 150,000 credits in Europe, totalling more than EUR 1 billion.

    You should also know that credit travaux chez nous is not really one... It actually takes the form of a personal loan, that is, an unallocated credit. Unlike the assigned home works loan, the borrower here can finance not a single service, but several at the same time, and even purchases, without having to justify himself. A size advantage !

    Note that like credit works, the personal loan can be integrated into a credit redemption.

  • The benefits of Credit Works at EuroFinanceProject

    When it comes to credits, EuroFinanceProject makes your life easier ! Today, it is one of the only platforms for lending to individuals to offer a 100% online personal credit application, from the simulation to the electronic signature of the credit contract offer, including the digital transmission of documents.

    Even more, the speed and simplicity of our platform allow you to borrow from 1,000 to 50,000 euros in less than 24 hours*, safely and subject to acceptance of your file, thanks to the protection of all data on the platform. Of course, the provision of the funds only takes place after the withdrawal period. For a conso credit, this period is 10 days, compared to 7 previously. For a real estate loan (although we do not distribute it), the borrower has a longer period : 14 days.

  • Key points to remember about credit works :

    It is a so-called affected consumer loan, intended to finance a specific service.
    It concerns all types of real estate work.
    Many aids can be granted in order to reduce the cost.

  • A personal loan to finance all your projects

    To finance the purchase of a car or household appliance, schedule work or book a trip, you can choose to save and wait. But to carry out your project without postponing it, without jeopardizing your financial situation, there is a quick way to unlock a sum of up to 40,000 euros: consumer credit. This personal loan does not require proof as to the destination of the funds : free to the borrower to use the borrowed amount to renovate, furnish or equip his home, pay for his marriage or face an accident in life.

  • What types of proofs for a personal loan?

    If a quick online loan of the personal loan type does not require proof of use, it requires proof of situation. Thus, as with other conso loans, or even real estate credit, the borrower is required to attach, for the most part, to his financing file :

    Proof of identity;
    Proof of address;
    Proof of income, including his last pay slips and his last notice of taxation (or notice of non-taxation).

    The sooner you send all the requested supporting documents to the bank, the faster you will get a response to your personal loan application!

  • Online personal loan: the age of the collaborative web

    The rise of peer-to-peer lending has come with the development of the Internet and in particular the collaborative web. Thanks to collaborative consumption platforms, it is possible to :

    To exchange your accommodation;
    Organize your carpooling;
    To finance an album or any other project;
    Create an online prize pool.

    Peer-to-peer service platforms have put new technologies at the service of communities that care about consuming differently. Peer-to-peer lending is part of this line, to free individuals from the brakes and high costs of traditional organizations. With the Internet, collaborative consumption is not a fad reserved for a category rejecting the consumer society. This innovative concept corresponds to the new aspiration of citizens wishing to consume better, while achieving savings. A web platform can reconcile this new practice that dusts off consumer credit, with the public authority's requirement for transparency and consumer protection.

  • Online personal lending: towards easy credit with credit platforms

    Taking out personal credit online is faster than following the traditional channels of traditional organizations. With a web platform like EuroFinanceProject :

    The borrower obtains a definitive response to his request for a financing offer within 24 hours* after receipt of the documents;

    After acceptance of the file and compliance with the legal withdrawal period (14 days, against a period of 10 days for a real estate loan), the amount of consumer credit can be paid within a few days to the applicant's bank account.

    In less than 10 days (7, to be exact), the borrower releases the amount of money needed to finance his project. In addition, EuroFinanceProject accelerates the process by simplifying the choice of consumer credit as much as possible : only one type of credit is available (depreciable at a fixed rate and constant monthly repayments), which avoids the unpleasant surprises that often come with a revolving credit. For the latter, monthly payments can only fluctuate over time. The fault at the rate, systematically revisable. Among other disappointments…
    In short, with a personal loan without a bank at EuroFinanceProject, you meet an urgent need for money without taking any risk!

  • Personal loan without bank: a cheap conso credit

    Application fees, high interest rates: traditional lenders apply large margins on consumer credit. Lending without an institutional bank allows any individual to bypass these practices to take advantage of fairer borrowing conditions! With a platform like EuroFinanceProject, the loan resulting from the connection between individuals and investors contributes to a transparent and virtuous system :

    Investors ' money is invested at a competitive rate of return (up to 6 % per annum);
    Personal loans to individual borrowers enjoy some of the lowest interest rates on the market;
    The platform is remunerated only on the application fees, to cover the cost of its structure.

  • What about the credit redemption?

    Next to the personal loan, we introduce you to the fast credit redemption online! This is indeed also a possibility, including at home. As a customer, you can potentially borrow at more advantageous terms from the bank or organization where you took out your loans. We will then talk more about loan consolidation. Alternatively, you can buy a buyout from a competing bank or financing organization!

    A quick loan online, yes, but not without precautions! In addition to scrupulous checks to ensure your repayment capacity, EuroFinanceProject adapts to your situation. Come again? By offering you a personalized rate. Thus, everyone has their chances of obtaining funding to make their projects a reality. To know your APR and get a non-binding loan contract offer, do not hesitate : test our simulation tool!

  • Quick loan online: what to remember

    Possible offers via a loan without a bank.
    The principle? The funds are brought by individuals and there is no other intermediary than the credit organization itself.
    The advantage? In addition to unparalleled speed, fees are significantly reduced compared to the "classic"financing model.

  • What is a home loan?

    Real Estate Credit is a loan made from a bank or credit institution in order to finance the acquisition of real estate. It is thus distinguished from the personal loan that will be intended for the purchase of movable property or a service.

    Also called immo loan, this type of credit is often used to purchase a main residence or to make a rental investment, the housing being then offered for rent.

  • Real estate credit and EuroFinanceProject: what link ?

    EuroFinanceProject, the 1st online consumer credit platform in Continental Europe, offers only loans to finance movable or treasury projects. Thus, we offer several solutions such as personal loan or work credit, to support you in all your projects related to real estate (renovation work, moving, equipment of your home).

    Our innovative technology and marketplace model allows French, Italian and Spanish households to borrow directly from our community of professional investors (individuals, companies, insurers, foundations, pension funds, etc.). They thus have access to a new kind of investment to finance the real economy.

    Concretely, how is a conso credit application with us ? First, the user can make a request quickly on our website : in a few minutes, we give an immediate response in principle. Once pre-accepted, the user is offered the opportunity to electronically sign his contract and digitally transmit his supporting documents.

    Upon receipt of the complete file, we can give a definitive answer within 24 working hours(1). Then, the customer will receive his funds in record time, in compliance with the legal withdrawal period.

    In short, EuroFinanceProject is a simpler credit, in less than 24 hours(1), at unbeatable rates up to€ 3,000 and without prepayment fees !

  • Peer-to-peer credit : what is it ?

    It is a personal loan transaction carried out between natural persons through an organization.

    Peer-to-peer lending, or PAP/P2P, is also called banker-free lending, as peer-to-peer lending organizations are generally not licensed organizations or banks.

    Whatever the name of peer-to-peer lending, it is a revolution in the financial field ; it competes directly with institutional banks by positioning itself as a credible alternative. At the same time, the personal loan between individuals is a real remedy when the family or friendly circle cannot or does not want to lend money (because it does not have the necessary amount, or because it has difficulty in placing its trust).

    Like Airbnb for housing, BlaBlaCar and Uber for transport, collaborative credit has a card to play in the future, in France as everywhere else.

  • Credit between individuals : a new term

    The loan or credit between individuals has been a "fashionable" term for a few years already. Some profiles of borrowers who no longer trust banks are now turning to the collaborative system to apply for credit.

    In the United States, peer-to-peer lending already exists since 2006 with the world's first peer-to-peer lending platform : Lending Club. This company, founded by a Frenchman, is a real success from its launch. Almost ten years later, it claims to have granted more than 4 billion euros in loans.

  • Peer-to-peer lending: the answer to an urgent need for money

    In terms of credit, the bank has a large market share compared to peer-to-peer lending institutions. However, the enthusiasm of individuals for this method of financing is real and growing. And for good reason !

    First of all, personal credit between individuals is quick to obtain. Immediately after making your request, you get a principled response. Within 24 hours of sending your credit file, a response is sent to you. If it is favorable, the money reaches you within 48 hours.

    But this credit without a bank is also aimed at the borrower who simply wants to get out of the banking system and its sometimes prohibitive rates. In the case of credit between individuals, the private lender and borrower agree on the interest rate that applies. Result ? Loans are much more attractive !

  • Credit between Individuals and EuroFinanceProject: what link ?

    EuroFinanceProject has created an unprecedented collaborative credit system in France. This system connects a set of individual borrowers and professional investors and EuroFinanceProject is the simple intermediary. Indeed, EuroFinanceProject sells on the one hand a credit to individuals and on the other the credit as an investment product with several types of profiles.

    EuroFinanceProject therefore does not exclusively lend between individuals in the sense that associations, private or public companies are among the professional investors who, by financing household projects, make their money grow.

    Our system offers participatory, collaborative and virtuous credit, which is not a bank where credit is only financed by one and the same organization.

    Finally, as you may have noticed, most credit institutions apply PRAS (early repayment penalties). This is not the case at EuroFinanceProject, regardless of the amount refunded. Our offer, transparent, is free of any hidden fees.

    Need money in a very short time to create your business, repair your broken vehicle, do work in your home or regularize your bills ? Thanks to the EuroFinanceProject peer-to-peer lending platform and its community of private lenders, quickly validate your credit file and finance your project at a lower interest rate, and therefore at a lower cost !

  • The three key points to remember about peer-to-peer lending

    It consists of a loan of money between two natural persons (or between a natural person and a legal person), via a collaborative platform specialized in loans.
    For individuals, it is a viable alternative to bank credit.
    It makes the personal loan accessible to any individual, including young entrepreneurs and individuals registered in the Personal Credit Incident File or the Central Cheque File.

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